Laura Rissolo

Annual Fall Celebration Dinner

Throughout the year Still Mountain Center provides opportunities to bring people together who are committed to the Arts. One of our main events is the Celebration dinner in the fall. There is a magic created from the collaboration of artists, musicians, and people from all walks of life who love art. Join us on November 2, 2019 (RSVP by October 26, 2019)!

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We are delighted to feature Laura Rissolo, a plant-based landscape designer who explores the harmonious and sometimes tenuous heart people direct towards the landscape. Her work is guided by engaged travel, ecology, and a deep affection for the natural world. Laura will share her philosopy of partnership with nature as the foundation to reconnecting with our wild selves.

Laura holds a graduate degree in Landscape Design from The Conway School, a certificate from the Cary Institute's horticulture program, and a degree in Fine Arts and Sculpture from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Her firm, Land People Habitat, is based in New Milford, CT.

Some of the featured artists and musicians who performed or gave slide presentations about their work at the Still Mountain Center celebration dinners over the years:

  • RenĂ©e Jaworski, 2018 - Pilobolus dance company
  • Tori Olson, 2017 - Photojournalist
  • Tim Rowan, 2015 - Ceramic artist
  • Ira Barkoff, 2014 - Painter of imaginary landscapes.
  • Tim Prentice, 2013 - Kinetic sculptor who founded the award-winning firm of Prentice and Chan in 1965
  • Ghislaine Mahler, 2010 - Mask artist
  • Dan Snow, 2009 - Artist in stone construction
  • Toshie & Marico Chigyo, 2008 - Sashiko artists
  • Jeff Shapiro - Ceramic artist
  • Cypress and Nutmeg String Quartets
  • Sons of Another Planet, Greg Olson, Wayne Kirby, Roy Wooten - Musicians
  • A concert on all-clay instruments by Barry Hall's Burnt Earth Ensemble
  • A slide retrospective by Elizabeth McDonald, an accomplished ceramic sculptor
  • A slide retrospective by Janice Gordon, a sculptor and mixed media artist from New York City
  • Romig Streeter - Ceramic artist, with Aran and Maria Willow, caterers/ organic farmers.
  • Paul Chaleff - Ceramic artist/sculptor
  • Leslie Parnas - Cello player, with the Tourmaline Quartet
  • Christian Sands - child progidy piano jazz player
  • Jeff Fuller Trio